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Blind Summary Application for Launch Lane Accelerator
Summary Application (2 pages maximum)  
Each applicant must provide the following information in the Summary Application:

Problem Statement and Proposed Solution: Define the problem (need) being addressed by your project. What is the significance of the problem (e.g., the number of people affected, the severity of the effects, economic impact)? What are the currently available strategies or clinical paradigms used to address the problem? Why are these strategies limited? What is your proposed solution to the problem? How does it overcome the limitations of current strategies?

Product and Market Opportunity: Describe the anticipated target market or market segments and provide a brief profile of the potential customer. Who will benefit from the product (e.g., the patient)? Who will use the product (e.g., the physician)? Who will pay for the product (e.g., hospitals or insurers), and what is a likely business model? Estimate the size of the market being addressed. What is the value proposition of the proposed product that will incentivize its purchase? What barriers to entry exist?

Project Goals: What will you do during the period of support that will lead to or increase your sales and growth? Briefly list or summarize the specific aims of the proposed project. For each aim, provide one or more measurable milestones that can be used to measure project progress. Milestones should be as objective and quantitative as possible. Provide a timeline chart for the project (not to exceed 6 months), indicating when each milestone is anticipated to be achieved. This section will be used as a template for assessing quarterly progress to secure continued funding throughout the project period, in the event of an award.  

LAUNCH LANE Uses a unique approach to eliminate bias in our selection process. YOU MAY NOT USE YOUR NAME, identifying pronouns such as He and She (use them and their instead for example ), or institution names that may be used to identify yourself in this 2-page response. 


As part of our ongoing commitment to provide equal accessibility to our program and in conjunction with our partners and sponsors, we will require that you fill out an additional survey. This survey will include demographic data such as age, gender, race, marital status, and other characteristic or categorical information. Failure to submit the additional survey will prevent you from receiving results and feedback on your Summary Application.


We collect demographic information to evaluate our outreach efforts and help us improve. Our goal is to make to eliminate bias and ensure we are making our program accessible to everyone. In order to help us achieve this, we will collect your demographic information via a separate form from your program application. Your reported demographic information is stored separately and is not shared with review panels.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Please login or create a new profile using the link below to submit your 2-page summary response. All responses MUST be submitted through the below form.
If you have any questions regarding the above prompt please contact the Program Director (launchlane@sciencecenter.org) prior to submission.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.